Best dating apps to meet other transgender people

For any transgender person looking to date another trans person, it can prove difficult to navigate mainstream dating apps. For example, on Tinder, a cisgender person can choose an option in the settings to match exclusively with either men or women. However, as a trans person, the only way to differentiate from the cisgender dating scene lies in choosing the option “everyone.” Furthermore, a filter does not exist. Every transgender person on tinder has to sift through each profile to discern which people identify as transgender. Ultimately, mainstream trans dating apps have yet to properly cater to the transgender community. In the meantime, to make navigating online dating easier, the following is a compilation of the best dating apps to meet other transgender people.


Although Transdr has a high rating on the apple app store, many people have voiced criticism about the app’s description. The app’s writers wrote derogatory terms. Moreover, the app’s users include “trans admirers” which seems to have an underlying derogatory and sexualized connotation. Even the marketing team’s overview seems to have fetish undertones. Despite criticism, transgender people may sign up for Transdr, with the expectation to find other transgender people.

While reviewers may argue that Transdr is a transgender version of Tinder, it seems to mirror Grindr in name and reputation. The latter may have more of a hook-up culture. Gay men make up the overall demographic, even though transgender people can also use Grindr.

The reason transgender people sign up for Transdr points to the fact that it’s centered around the trans community. The problem with Transdr lies in that it’s not exclusively for people transgendered. People, who are transvestite or cross-dressing also use Transdr. Moreover, cisgender people looking to date someone transgender also use the app. Therefore, a transgender person looking to find another transgender date may have a similar experience using transgender dating apps than mainstream apps.


TS developers seemingly wrote a much more self-aware description to introduce the app within the app store. However, the app’s users face a similar dilemma to that of Transdr. People, who are transvestite, cross-dress or “trans admirers” also use the app.

Who is to say that TS and Transdr prove any more helpful or safe than using more mainstream apps? Transgender people may have just as much success using more mainstream apps such as Her, Bumble, or OkCupid. App creators across the board have room to improve the online experience for transgender individuals.

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