Which European countries have the best and worst Lesbian Rights

LGBT or Lesbian, Gays, Bisexual, and Transgenders have experienced so much neglection from their society. Long before they were finally embraced by their fellow citizens, they have received a lot of discrimination. It was very unfortunate and demeaning for their part. All they want to receive is acceptance from the people around them, yet they are oppressed for being different.

Luckily, after several rallies for their rights, they were slowly being accepted and respected for who and what they are. People are now agreeing to the fact that these people need love too. Homosexuality is already becoming a normal part of the society. Among other continents, Europe is one of the first to embrace the LGBT community. Find out below the list of countries where being a lesbian is either acceptable or not.

Best Countries

  • Portugal

This country is very much open to investors and entrepreneurs. Thus, they give the best rights for all the lesbian people as well.

  • Argentina

If you are looking for a place to get married with your lesbian life partner, go to Argentina. They have a very friendly accommodation for all the LGBT people.

  • Ireland

Apparently, green is not the only lucky color for them. Their love and respect for the LGBT community have made them spread their colors to a rainbow.

Worst Countries

  • Armenia

This country has not yet accepted the LGBT community. If one person will out their self as lesbian here in Armenia, that person will receive so much discrimination.

  • Italy

Unfortunately, Italians only have a high tolerance for pizzas and pasta, but not for the LGBT community. They are yet to accept them and still do not consider them as a big part of their country.

  • Russia

The Russian community has not yet fully embraced homosexuality. This country is one of the worst countries to live in for the lesbian people.


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