Why are more women bisexual than men?

It is no wonder these days that more and more people are becoming bisexual. Ever since the society has started embracing the LGBT community, many people are starting to out themselves to the world. They know that they will no longer feel the discrimination since they are already accepted by everyone. Although a lot of countries have already opened their hearts for the LGBT people, there are still some countries that find the LGBTs belonging to the marginalized community. The whole world has yet to open their acceptance for all kinds of people all over the world.

The growing numbers of bisexuals have left some people wondering why most of them are women. Moreover, being a lesbian is much different than being a bisexual. There are a lot of lesbians today, but they are still different from a bisexual. A bisexual is a person who can either be attracted to both man or woman. A lesbian is only attracted to women.

There are plenty of reasons why more women are bisexual than men, but here are the two common ones;

  1. Male and female sexuality are a lot different from each other.

One good example of this is through physical contact. When a man kisses another man, there is a low probability of something happening. But if it happens between two women, there is a bigger chance that these women may experience a change in their sexual orientation.

  1. Gender is fluid.

Most women have this confusion when it comes to their sexuality. It is probably because a woman’s sexuality is more fluid than men. Women can identify themselves as a woman or man depending on the circumstances. However, no matter what preference they would like to establish, being a bisexual woman is not something that must be marginalized.

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